Privacy Policy

Data privacy is an important factor for KM. We aim for transparency and openness, when it comes to the processing of our customers personal data. Indeed, we would like to mention that we have a policy, which precisely establishes the way in which the personal data of our customers are treated and protected. All data collected from our customers is shared within our company. Thus, only shows itself as a processor of personal data. KM undertakes never to transmit, sell or trade your data for marketing purposes to third parties outside our company. The data transmitted, which may be manipulated or disclosed by third parties, is only used to provide you with a better quality of service within KM little touch.

By browsing the KM pretty little touch website to shop, you have implicitly consented to its terms of sale. For more information, please contact our relevant department. Specific processing of personal data collected during your browsing on our site requires us to provide you with a legal notice, there you have the choice between joining or not. We will use your personal data to create and manage your personal account in order to provide you with a personalized and relevant experience.

It should be noted that your personal data is used to generate your order history, the details relating to it, as well as the possibility of managing your account settings, including marketing preferences. We also provide you with easy ways to keep data accurate and up to date, such as payment details.

In the same context, it would be possible for you to save articles in your basket, to offer you recommendations, to allow you to evaluate and rate the products that you have granted yourself via our site. Doing so, we can provide you with relevant product recommendations.

From a technical point of view, browsing our site generates a large volume of data relating to your purchase history, product reviews or reviews as well as your account data.